The 'Closer To Heaven' album features 11 new Tennant/Lowe compositions...

The original cast album for the PET SHOP BOYS musical ‘CLOSER TO HEAVEN’ is to be released.

The album, released on September 24, features 15 Tennant/Lowe compositions including 11 new songs. The play opened at the London Art Theatre in May this year, and is set to run until at least February 2002.

Speaking about the record, Neil Tennant said: “It’s unusual for an original cast album because it has the same production values as a pop album. Originally the show was called ‘Nightlife’ and the songs were going to appear on our ‘Nightlife’ album.

“In the end we decided to make the show and our album separate entities but we still included three songs from the show on the ‘Nightlife’ album: ‘In Denial’, ‘Vampires’ and ‘Closer to Heaven’.”

Pet Shop Boys are working on a new album.