Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant jokes “Acoustic guitars should be banned”

The duo also discussed how social media has changed pop music

Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant has jokingly commented that acoustic guitars should be banned in a new interview.

The band were asked how they felt about “earnest post-Ed Sheeran troubadours”, prompting Tennant to make the light-hearted comment.

“I think the acoustic guitar should be banned, actually,” he told the Guardian, while suggesting his own headline for the piece: “Pet Shop Boys blast lame rock rivals.”


The band went on to say they felt out of place in today’s pop world, with Tennant observing that “authenticity is a style and it’s always the same style”. He also discussed how the duo always search for euphoria in music, saying they looked for the “sort of feeling we got the first time we heard Bobby O’s records, or Helter Skelter by the Beatles, or even She Loves You, going right back to being a child.”

“That euphoric thing came back in with the rave scene in the 80s, but it isn’t really at the core of pop music now,” he said. “Its context is social media; social media has actually created and defined the form of popular music and I think, unfortunately, that takes it down the narcissistic misery route. It doesn’t have the importance it once had, and that’s been the case for quite a while. It’s become a facet of social media.”

He continued to explain how pop music now was “people working out how to edit it down to 10 seconds”. “I wonder what would happen now if you released ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’,” he added.

Pet Shop Boys released their latest album ‘Hotspot’ today (January 24). The record marks their first since 2016’s ‘Super’ and features a guest appearance from Years & Years’ Olly Alexander.


The band began the European leg of their ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ tour on January 14 with a huge show in Dublin.

After concluding the European leg of their tour, they will then return to these shores for the first ever UK edition of Knotfest this summer.