Pete And The Pirates to contribute to exhibition

Stolen Recordings to hold third annual bash

Pete And The Pirates are set to contribute to the third annual exhibition of Stolen Recordings.

The group are one of several bands on the label who are exhibiting album artwork made by themselves. Others include Let’s Wrestle and Billy Childish.

The event will take place in London‘s Aquarium L-13 Gallery from July 3.


The full list of bands contributing are:

Mathew Sawyer

Pete and the Pirates

Billy Childish

James Cauty (KLF)

Lets Wrestle


Jock Mooney (Dan le Sac VS Scroobious Pip artwork)

Harry Pie

Fault Magazine


Shimmy Rivers and and Canal

Geraldine Swayne (…Bender)

J.P Buckle (The Ghosts/ Relaxed Muscle)

Caff/Lick/ Freak Paeans

Screaming Tea Party

Dave Mitchell (Ghost Club/ The 3D’s)

Wet Dog

The Grand library of young blood

Throwing Up In Comic Sans Fanzine