Pete Davidson kicks out heckler who made Mac Miller joke during stand-up set

"If you want the show to continue, call out the person who did it."

Comedian Pete Davidson kicked out an audience member from a recent stand-up show after they made a crass joke about the late Mac Miller.

Davidson, who became engaged to Ariana Grande after she broke up with Miller, was performing at New Jersey’s South Orange Performing Arts Center when he began a joke with the line “My friend died in my apartment.”

Responding to the joke, the heckler yelled: “Mac Miller?”

In audio obtained by TMZ, Davidson is heard to immediately halt the performance and asks his fans to point out the “fuckface” who made the joke so they can be ejected.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller

“I’ll leave,” Davidson subsequently threatens.

“So if you want the show to continue, call out the person who did it, get him the fuck out. I don’t deal with that shit. This show is just for fun, so I’m not going to have that shit at my show.”

His comments appear to be immediately followed by applause as the heckler is removed from the venue.

Davidson’s return to stand-up comes after he posted a message on Instagram that sparked concern late last year.

After splitting with Grande, Davidson said he didn’t “want to be on this earth anymore”, before his whereabouts were accounted for.

He returned to comedy in January, and discussed the incident in a recent SNL appearance.