Pete Doherty arrested in Berlin

Babyshambles singer allegedly throws his drink at a car

Pete Doherty has reportedly been arrested in Berlin.

The singer, who has just finished a solo tour of Germany, is said to have thrown a pint glass at a car, breaking the back window.

German news site quotes daily paper Bild as reporting that Doherty was arrested shortly before 7am on Saturday morning (December 5) in the Kreuzberg district of the city, where he had been drinking with two friends.

“The three of them had just come from Wiener Stra├če. There they’d been tossed out of a bar,” a bartender from the Trinkteufel club told Bild. “I almost threw Pete out [of Trinkteufel] too. He was drinking shots and constantly asking about cocaine.”

Doherty is said to have thrown a pint glass out of the bar window, hitting a Ford Fiesta in the street, after which a passer-by called police. He was held in custody for three hours, during which time he was booked for property damage.