Pete Doherty’s manager faces jail over hit and run incident

Andrew Boyd pleads guilty to dangerous driving after running over a pedestrian

Pete Doherty‘s manager is facing the prospect of a jail sentence after being found guilty of dangerous driving.

Andrew Boyd, 42, admitted the charge at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday (January 30) following the accident in Suffolk, which left a pedestrian critically injured.

The man Chris Corder also 42, is still in a coma at the Royal London Hospital after being run over while he was delivering church letters.

His condition remains “serious but stable” his three elder sisters said outside court after the hearing, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The court heard the accident happened when Boyd tried to comfort a four-year-old child who was sitting in the back seat of his Daimler car.

His defence lawyer Chris Henley said: “He must have momentarily taken his eye off the road and at that moment Mr Corder must have stepped onto the road and very unfortunately the collision took place.

“The instinctive reaction of Mr Boyd was not to stop, he should have and he recognises that. The prosecution accept that the dangerous driving is him leaving the scene.”

Boyd also admitted failing to stop at an accident scene, pleaded guilty to failing to report an accident, driving without reasonable consideration, driving not in accordance with a licence and without insurance.

Judge David Goodin told him: “The offences you pleaded guilty to are serious ones. It may very well be that custody is the only sentence for you.”

Boyd has been bailed and is due to be sentenced on February 24.