Fans accuse bouncers of being heavy-handed at Pete Doherty gig

Crowd members from Southampton gig claim security was 'over the top'

Fans have accused bouncers at Pete Doherty‘s Southampton gig last weekend (March 15) of been overly physical and aggressive towards them.

According to those at the show, a disturbance erupted after the crowd began to take exception to the treatment of audience members by the security guards at the town’s Guildhall.

Speaking to NME.COM, crowd member Ian Easton claimed that “the way the security were acting was disgusting. They were so over the top”.

Tearful fan Vicky McIntosh added that “the security guards were being very heavy handed with both men and women. I will think twice about going back to Southampton Guildhall if that is how fans are treated”.

Doherty himself expressed his disapproval from the stage, criticising the bouncers between songs.

The security at the venue on the night refused to comment about the fans’ claims, while calls to the Guildhall have gone unanswered in the wake of the gig.

However one of the venue’s bar staff who wished to remain nameless told NME.COM they did not think there was any particular problem at the gig.

“From where I was stood it just seemed like they [security] were doing their job,” they explained. “There is clear signage saying that people will be thrown out if they crowd surf. Why should this crowd be treated any different?”

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