Pete Doherty in Libertines reunion at London gig

Singer/guitarist plays set with a former bandmate

Pete Doherty reunited with former Libertines drummer Paul ‘Mr Razzcocks’ Dufour onstage in London last night (August 25), playing a 45-minute set of rare and unreleased songs.

Doherty was playing a solo set at the Torriano pub in the capital’s Kentish Town when Dufour, who drummed with the first incarnation of The Libertines before they signed to Rough Trade in 2001, made his way onto the stage unannounced.

“I went down there with my percussion and box and just pushed through the crowd, got on the stage and we played about 15 songs,” Dufour told NME.COM after the gig. “Pete had announced he was going to do one more song, but then when I turned up we did about 45 minutes extra.

“It was quite a surprise – we didn’t talk about it before or anything! He was in a good mood, it was really good to see him. He played well. I was surprised at how many songs we remembered after all these years!”

The duo played tracks including unreleased Libertines songs ‘The Domestic’ and ‘Bucket Shop’. They also had a crack at early versions of ‘Radio America’ and ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ – both of which were recorded by The Libertines when Dufour was in the band (and differ considerably in sound to the latter recorded versions featuring Gary Powell on drums).

Around 20 Libertines songs featuring Dufour on drums – unofficially called the ‘Legs XI’ sessions – were professionally recorded by the band before they released debut album ‘Up The Bracket’ (2002). Fans have petitioned online at for their official release for some years.