Pete Doherty in Liverpool kebab chase

Babyshambles man reveals a story from his childhood

Pete Doherty has revealed details on an incident during which he was chased down a street in Liverpool by a kebab shop owner brandishing a skewer.

In a new video, which you can watch by clicking below, the Babyshambles frontman tells a tale from his childhood which saw him drunkenly provocate a take-away proprietor.

“My uncle Arthur‘s a Liverpudlian fellow,” he said. “He had this pair of trousers in the bottom of my Nan’s wardrobe for ages. When I used to stay [as a teenager] I’d root about and find them, and wore them. I thought I was the bollocks in those trousers.

“There was a kebab shop, I thought these trousers would give me magic powers – I was about 15. I went in and demanded a kebab. I was a bit drunk, the fella said, ‘Sorry mate, we’re closed’.

“I said, ‘Give me a fuckin’ kebab’. They chased me up the street with a skewer, but the trousers didn’t give in. They were furry with ’80s patterned diamond on them.”

Doherty also discussed why he decided to record a solo album (‘Grace/Wastelands’, out March 16). “I think it was about time,” he said. “You’ve got a messy desk and you start putting things in order. There’s always been this untidy pile of strong ideas, things that have always been left out along the way with The Libertines and Babyshambles that were never quite finished, or we never really wanted to do, or felt was right to do.

Watch the video in full by clicking below.