Peter Doherty in swine flu scare? – Tabloid Hell

...Or are websites simply making the most out of the predicted flu pandemic?

Several news websites have published stories fearing for Pete Doherty‘s safety, after a picture was found online of the Babyshambles singer hugging a swine flu victim.

Scottish newspapers today (April 28) named Dawn Askham from Falkirk as one of the first UK sufferers to be confirmed as having the bug, which the World Health Organisation say could be on the verge of transforming into a global pandemic, reports BBC News.

In a story about the outbreak, published a picture of Askham cuddling up to Doherty, obtained from her Bebo page.

An unnamed source told, who have also covered the story, that Doherty‘s friends were apparently concerned for his welfare.

Pete‘s friends are worried he may have the deadly illness. He has got himself clean of drugs, the last thing he needs is this,” the source is quoted as saying.

However, the picture of Doherty and Askham does not look at all recent, which would suggest that the singer is actually unlikely to be in any more danger of contracting the illness than any other healthy UK citizen at present.