Jailed Pete Doherty misses French exhibition opening

His blood paintings are displayed in Paris

Pete Doherty‘s controversial exhibition of blood paintings opened in Paris yesterday (April 24).

The artworks, which feature the singer’s own blood daubed across images of himself, opened at the Chappe Gallery in the city’s Montmarte district.

But Doherty was unable to make the grand opening himself, since he is still in jail for missing court appointments and using drugs while on probation.

The exhibition isn’t the only French commitment Doherty has had to miss. Babyshambles were due to play at the Le Printemps De Bourges festival.

As previously reported, bassist Drew McConnell has been philosophical, telling BBC Newsbeat: “It’s upsetting, just on a functional level we were supposed to play a bunch of shows and headline a festival in France, which is a drag. But not compared to the huge drag of being in a prison cell twiddling your thumbs.”