Pete Doherty ‘being positive’ in prison

Singer has been writing to Babyshambles bandmates

Pete Doherty is doing well in prison, according to his Babyshambles bandmate Drew McConnell.

The frontman is two weeks into a 14-week sentence for missing court appointments and using drugs while on probation.

According to bass player McConnell, Doherty has been writing letters from his cell in Wormwood Scrubs.


McConnell told BBC Newsbeat: “You’re not allowed to make phone calls but for a man behind bars, he sounds surprisingly chipper.

“He’s being very positive about the whole situation, he’s chomping at the bit to play festivals this summer. Just to strap his guitar on again and be the frontman in Babyshambles.”

Doherty had to miss a solo show at London‘s Royal Albert Hall, and the band have also had to miss several shows due to their singer’s incarceration.

He continued: “It’s upsetting, just on a functional level we were supposed to play a bunch of shows and headline a festival in France, which is a drag. But not compared to the huge drag of being sat in a prison cell twiddling your thumbs.”

However, McConnell insists that the band remain strong.

He stated: “Peter‘s personal life is his own business and I’m sure that there are fans out there who care about him because they love his music.


Babyshambles is my band and the songs Peter writes are why I get up in the morning. If that was all to come to an end, I’d be heartbroken.”