Prison cell pictures of Pete Doherty appear

British newspaper published camera phone pictures

The Sun newspaper has published pictures of Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty in Wormwood Scrubs prison in London.

The newspaper claims that Doherty, incarcerated for on a 14 week sentence after breaching parole last Tuesday (April 9), has been using heroin in jail on top of a methadone programme he is on.

It is claimed that Doherty has been gaining drugs by writing I.O.U. notes to inmates.


The report also says the singer has befriended an inmate named Ray, who has been acting as the singer/guitarist’s protector in jail, where he is receiving a lot of attention from both inmates and guards because of his celebrity status.

According to the newspaper a rumour had spread around the prison that Doherty had a stash of drugs, attracting unwanted attention from inmates.

An anonymous source in the prison is quoted as saying: “It wasn’t true but it was enough to make people want to find him and rob him. Ray is making sure this doesn’t happen.”

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