Pete Doherty takes his cats to club gig

Babyshambles man takes his pets along with him to a London show

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty played a solo show at the Brixton Mass venue last night (May 27), and took along his pet cats.

Taking the stage at 10:30pm (BST) at the south London club, a converted church crypt, the singer/guitarist apologised for his lateness.

Doherty, who had been photographed taking one of his pet cats to the vet last week (beginning May 19) in Wiltshire, joked, “Sorry I’m late. But considering I’ve had to bury one of my cats at the roadside I’ve done pretty well to be here.” His spokesperson later said that his comment had been in jest, and that no cats had died.


Before Doherty arrived at the venue an announcement had been made that the singer was “en route” and that “his kittens had gone crazy”. When he did arrive, a friend of the Babyshambles man was carrying one of the cats in a pet transporter. The feline was taken backstage.

Doherty played a selection of songs by both Babyshambles and his former band, The Libertines, as well as solo efforts. He was joined by singer Dot Allison for a rendition of ‘Sheepskin Tearaway’.

“Is this what it’s come to, doing Libertines karaoke at an old church hall?” joked the singer later in the set. He enjoyed drinks offered to him by the crowd and fielded requests including ‘Albion’, ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’, ‘Fuck Forever’ and ‘Through The Looking Glass’.

The show was the second in a row for Doherty, after he played a solo set in Brixton the previous night. He is scheduled to play at the venue again on Friday night (May 30) with Babyshambles.


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