Pete Doherty plays London club show

'Do I get some Charlie?' jokes the Babyshambles man

Pete Doherty played a 23-song solo ‘request’ set last night (May 26) at the Brixton Mass club in south London.

The singer performed a mix of songs by his current band Babyshambles, his former group The Libertines and several unreleased solo efforts.

Taking the stage at around 9:40pm (BST), Doherty played with just an electric guitar and microphone, and was joined later in the set by his Babyshambles bandmate Mick Whitnall and then by singer Dot Allison.


Fans were given the opportunity to make song requests as they entered the venue, a converted church crypt. The singer/guitarist was passed a list by venue staff at the beginning of the gig before deciding which songs to play.

Before playing The Libertines‘Music When The Lights Go Out’, Doherty donned a harmonica strap, but soon abandoned it as it comically flopped around in his face. Instead, Babyshambles guitarist Whitnall came onstage and played the instrument for the song and the following ‘Albion’.

During the aforementioned ‘Albion’, Doherty namechecked towns and cities as the 200-strong crowd shouted out locations, including Peterborough, Watford, Stepford, Slough, Queen’s Park, Newcastle and Sidcup.

During ‘Sheepskin Tearaway’, the Babyshambles man was joined onstage by Dot Allison. Allison, who co-wrote the song with Doherty, joined him on vocals.

Later in the set, Doherty read from the fan request list, joking, “‘Breck Road Lover’ for Charlie? Does that mean I get some Charlie if I play it?” He then went outside for a cigarette break, before returning to complete the set.

Pete Doherty plays another show at the same venue tonight (May 27). He plays at Mass again on Friday night (May 30) with his band, Babyshambles.


Pete Doherty played:

‘Never Never’

‘The Ballad Of Grimaldi’

‘Tell The King’

‘Music When The Lights Go Out’



‘The Whole World Is Our Playground’

‘The Delaney’

‘Death On The Stairs’

‘Sheepskin Tearaway’

‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’


‘Hooray For The 21st Century’

‘Can’t Stand Me Now’

‘East Of Eden’

‘For Lovers’

‘Breck Road Lover’

‘At The Flophouse’

‘There She Goes’


‘In Love With A Feeling’

‘I Wanna Break Your Heart’

‘What A Waster’