Guy Ritchie bases new film character on Pete Doherty

Director says: 'It's either genius marketing or a happy - or unhappy - accident'

Guy Ritchie‘s new film ‘RocknRolla’ has a character based on Pete Doherty.

According to Empire magazine, the character Johnny Story (played by Toby Kebbell) is a shambolic musician who hides out in a London crack den.

Ritchie, who also directed the 1998 hit movie ‘Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’ explained that the Babyshambles singer had influenced the character.

“At the time I was writing it, Pete Doherty was everywhere,” he said. “I think what we all like is someone who fell and then stood up again. And that’s probably the story with Pete Doherty.”

He added: “There seems to be an implication that people want to see him jump. But at the same time there’s a desire to see the likes of him being reborn.”

It’s not the first time Doherty has been referenced by film makers.

It was recently reported that late actor Heath Ledger apparently drew inspiration from the Babyshambles singer for his portrayal of the Joker in the new Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’.

‘RocknRolla’ is released on September 5 in the UK.