Pete Doherty raps on new track – listen

Track taken from new recording sessions for his second solo album

Pete Doherty has rapped on a new track – which you can listen by clicking on the link at the end of this article.

Two new tracks have been posted on the blog of London producer Adem Himli, who has been recording Doherty’s second album at his studio in west London.

The track, ‘Siberian Fur’, was written by Peter ‘Wolfman’ Wolfe, with whom he collaborated on 2004’s hit ‘For Lovers’. It will be familiar to fans as Doherty often brings it out at solo sets. The new version – which features a rap – has a hip-hop feel with added bass lines, which he explained to NME were string samples from “old silent movies”.

The second track, ‘Down For The Outing’ is a brand new number, although versions of it have been online for a while. Speaking about it’s Parisien feel, Doherty said: “It’s ‘cos I applied for French citizenship…No, I haven’t. But I’m living in Paris and that’s authentic-sounding Parisian street music”.

Doherty told NME, who were invited to hear the new material in the studio, that there are no plans to release the material yet as it was still in demo stage but said that he has a hard-drive full of new tracks. “A few more songs have taken more of a definite shape,” he said. “Things that were ad libs and off the cuff we’re putting into the traditional pop song structure – er. I don’t know what the traditional structure is, but I’ve got a few more ideas I’m going to try”.

You can listen to the new tracks below:
‘Down For The Outing’

‘Siberian Fur’