Museum displaying Pete Doherty’s leftover crumbs has ‘really captured public’s imagination’

Museum Of Celebrity Leftovers has been open in Cornwall since 2004

The curator of a museum that displays food leftovers from the likes of Pete Doherty and director Michael Winner has claimed his attraction has “captured so many people’s imagination”.

The Museum Of Celebrity Leftovers in Cornwall features the crumbs left behind by a host of celebrity patrons of Michael Bennett’s café.

Set up by Bennett and his wife in 2004, the attraction now features crumbs from the likes of Prince Charles, Jan Leeming, Hugh Dennis and Hawkwind‘s Steve Swindells.


Bennett explained that his museum had an international following thanks to the internet. He told BBC News:

Some people think it’s about trying to own a small part of that celebrity, be part of their life, buy into it, but from our point of view it’s literally a memento, and something tangible.

Although the café is currently up for sale, Bennett has excluded he museum from the sale and has expressed ambitions for his attraction to become as successful as the local Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

“I mean, if the Victoria And Albert Museum took it on that would be nice”, he continued. “But semi-seriously, it’s a piece of social history.”

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