Robin Whitehead died after ‘terrible row’ with Pete Doherty, according to her mother

Peter Wolfe also speaks at inquest into model's death

Robin Whitehead was found dead hours after a “terrible row” with Pete Doherty, it was claimed yesterday.

The film-maker passed away aged 27 on January 24, 2010 at the flat of a friend of the former Libertines singer, where she had been staying with Doherty‘s former songwriting partner Peter Wolfe. She had been filming a documentary about the singer for a number of months.

Whitehead‘s mother Dido told Poplar Coroner’s Court in east London that her daughter had told her of a heated argument with Doherty and his friend Alan Wass hours before she was found dead. She told the court her daughter said: “There has been a terrible row and I am very upset,” reports the Daily Mail.

Wolfe, who is currently serving a year-long prison sentence for cocaine possession, also gave evidence and revealed that he had taken drugs with Whitehead on the day of her death, but denied knowledge of the row between her and Doherty.

He said:

I was just aware Peter was quite upset I was spending time with Robin, but I was not aware of any argument between the two. I think Pete was very fond of Robin and I think they had a relationship before, so maybe he was a little jealous.

Wolfe also spoke about his drug use with Whitehead, saying:

I was taking drugs throughout this time, and I did not encourage Robin. She was asking to have a pipe of crack cocaine. I passed it to her once, or a couple of times. I didn’t notice Robin taking a lot of drugs.

Toxicologist Robert Flanagan, who examined Whitehead‘s body, confirmed that her death was most likely caused by a heroin overdose as, although she had a relatively small amount of heroin in her blood, it would have been enough to be fatal for someone who didn’t take it regularly.

Presiding coroner Dr Andrew Reid ultimately delivered a verdict of death by misadventure.