Pete Doherty: ‘I’m struggling with everything after Amy Winehouse’s death’

Former Libertines man says he is 'bewildered' by singer's death

Pete Doherty has spoken for the first time about the death of Amy Winehouse.

The former Libertines man knew the singer and was rumoured to have recorded music with her last year, but it has never been confirmed if this ever occurred or not or if it will ever see the light of day.

Doherty told The People:

I’m struggling with fucking everything because I’m so bewildered about what happened to Amy. I was in bed when I heard the news of her death. Someone had to wake me up to tell me. I couldn’t take it in and still can’t. Coming to terms with what has happened is almost impossible. It’s hard to think she’s not with us anymore.


Doherty was released from prison last month after serving two months of a six month sentence for cocaine possession.

He could face a return to jail though, after he allegedly broke into a record shop in Germany and stole a guitar. If found guilty, he could face another five years in prison.