Pete Doherty to avoid prison after being ruled too drunk to have robbed shop

Police have said that the former Libs man was too drunk to have stolen records and a guitar

Pete Doherty will not face charges over a robbery that took place in Germany earlier this year after police ruled that he was too drunk to have taken part.

The former Libertines man had admitted that he had smashed the window of a shop in Regensburg, Germany, but had denied that he then stole a guitar and records from the shop, despite its owners publically accussing him of doing so.

According to The Sun, prosecutors in the Bavarian city have dropped charges over the incident, saying Doherty was far too inebriated to know what he did.


Doherty, who was released from prison earlier this summer after serving time for cocaine possession, could have faced five further years in jail if he’d been convicted over the incident.

The singer was in the German town to shoot his part in the film Confessions of a Young Contemporary. Starring opposite fellow musician/actor Charlotte Gainsbourg, Doherty was playing French poet and novelist Alfred de Musset. The film is due out next year.