Pete Doherty campaigns for tough new UK environmental law

Singer says the Government needs to make 'radical, fascist decisions'

Pete Doherty is urging the UK government to bring in a tough new environmental law.

The Babyshambles and former Libertines man is campaigning for “radical” legislation and tougher punishments to protect the planet.

He told The Daily Telegraph:

We need people to make some radical, almost fascist decisions: no more petrol, no more paper that isn’t recycled, laws saying we’re not allowed to build any more cars, or we can only have electrical cars.

The move comes after Doherty recently performed at the eco-friendly music festival We Love Green in Paris. He also recently spoke out about the London riots.

“It was almost like a magnified version of things you see every Saturday night in Hackney, just wild kids lashing out,” he said.

He added: “It was pure fucking anger. You’ve got politicians who fill in their expenses behind closed doors on their account sheets and then you’ve got kids in broad daylight fighting police and attacking shops. The whole system is corrupt right the way through.”