Pete Doherty arrested at Gloucester Crown Court for drug possession

Babyshambles man rearrested moments after being spared jail on a separate charge

Pete Doherty has been rearrested at Gloucester Crown Court this morning (December 21) for suspected drug possession, moments after being spared jail for driving offences.

Doherty was initially ordered to pay £2,050 in fines with £160 costs and banned from driving for 18 months, relating to an incident in June.

However, the county force then arrested Doherty before he had left the court, this time on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.

An onlooker who saw Doherty‘s arrest told The Sun that a clingfilm wrap thought to contain drugs fell out of his pocket when he first arrived at the court.

“He was being frisked by a security officer and when he emptied his pockets a clingfilm wrap fell out,” the onlooker said. “The security man picked it up and saw it contained what looked like little blue crystals. The security man phoned the police and about six officers came over and waited to arrest Doherty when his case was over.”

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