Pete Doherty fan selling blood painting for £25,000

The self-portrait was a gift from The Libertines man

A Pete Doherty blood painting given to a fan is being sold with an asking price of £25,000.

The 32″x32″ canvas, which is being sold by Paul Fraser Collectibles, was painted for a fan called Alistair who approached Doherty after a gig in Wigan in 2010.

He asked The Libertines man if he would help him make some money. Doherty replied by saying he would give him a blood painting and £20 and took the man’s address.

Although the money never arrived the canvas, which features a self-portrait of Doherty and is signed “For Alistair, love Peter“, was posted a week later.

A spokesperson for Paul Fraser Collectibles said the high price for the auction reflects previous sales of Doherty‘s blood artwork. They added that the 15 of the singer’s paintings are estimated to have been sold for around £500,000 at a previous exhibition in 2006.