Pete Doherty “arrested for buying cocaine” in Paris

The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday morning (November 8)

Pete Doherty has been arrested in Paris after police allegedly caught him buying cocaine.

According to local reports, the 40-year-old Libertines singer was found in possession of drugs when approached by police in the early hours of Friday morning (8 November).

The incident allegedly took place in Paris’ Pigalle district on the corner of Rue Fontaine and Rue de Douai.

French outlet Le Point says that police watched Doherty make a drug deal in the street, before he was arrested.

A police source confirmed he was carrying two grams of cocaine and under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of his arrest.

Pete Doherty on stage with The Libertines

A spokesman for prosecutors in Paris has also confirmed that Doherty was “placed in detention” and faces drug-related charges.

Doherty’s representatives have been contacted for comment.

The singer, whose battle with drugs has repeatedly landed him in legal trouble, was also handed a six-month driving ban after being caught speeding earlier this year.

Doherty was handed a £9,200 fine at Folkestone Magistrates Court after being caught on the same camera speeding four times.

The latest arrest comes as Doherty prepares for his European tour with The Libertines. They are set to play their first show at Luxembourg’s Den Atelier on November 17, before continuing with a string of shows across the continent.

Doherty released a new solo album with his project Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres earlier this year.

Speaking to NME around the release of the album, Pete discussed life, death, drugs, prison and tabloid controversy and feeling like a new man.

“I’ve got a huge fucking problem with age, actually,” Doherty said. “I didn’t ever admit to it because I never really felt it, but I heard you say it there and I’m thinking ‘Fucking hell, I really don’t wanna die’.

“Part of me for a long time just thought it would make a lot of sense and be a lot easier all round if I did snuff it.”

He also relocated to Margate in 2017, where The Libertines recently opened the first stage of their HQ – which includes a hotel, a bar and a recording studio.