Pete Doherty arrested in Paris for second time after “drunken brawl” with teenager

He reportedly went out to celebrate his release from the first arrest

Pete Doherty has reportedly been arrested for the second time in 48 hours after allegedly getting into an fight with a teenager in Paris.

The Libertines frontman is thought to have been arrested on Sunday (November 11), some 24 hours after he was released following an earlier arrest for buying cocaine at 3AM.

Doherty was seen throwing punches at a male teen in Paris’ Saint-German-des-Pres district, MailOnline reports.


His lawyer, Arash Derambarsh, said Doherty went home to take sleeping pills on Saturday, before heading out again in his pyjamas to celebrate his release from police custody.

Pete Doherty on stage with The Libertines

Derambarsh said: “[Pete wanted to] go and celebrate his liberation in a bar near him. He drank and people made him drink.”

But things took a turn when Doherty “quickly came to blows” with the teenager. The 19-year-old man is believed to have filed a police complaint, claiming to have been injured in a “drunken brawl”.

An source said: “Before being questioned by police, Doherty was put somewhere where he could sober up.”


The singer, whose battle with drugs has repeatedly landed him in legal trouble, was also handed a six-month driving ban after being caught speeding earlier this year.

The latest string of arrests come as Doherty prepares for his European tour with The Libertines. They are set to play their first show at Luxembourg’s Den Atelier on November 17, before continuing with a string of shows across the continent.

Doherty released a new solo album with his project Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres earlier this year.