Pete Doherty confirms engagement after being “two-and-a-half years clean”

Doherty and his fiancée Katia de Vidas currently live together in France

Pete Doherty has got engaged to his girlfriend Katia de Vidas, his publicist has confirmed.

de Vidas is the keyboardist in Doherty’s band the Puta Madres, who released their self-titled debut album in April 2019.

The couple live together in Normandy in northern France, with pictures of the pair that emerged in March showing them walking in the seaside town of Étretat.


News of Doherty and de Vidas’ engagement was confirmed by Doherty’s publicist to the Daily Mail yesterday (September 28) after de Vidas was spotted wearing an engagement ring in a photo that was shared to Trampolene‘s Instagram page last week.

Pete Doherty & Carl Barat Perform At Hackney Empire
Pete Doherty performing live on stage at Hackney Empire (Picture: Getty)

The news comes after Doherty revealed to BBC Scotland’s The Seven programme last week that he was “two-and-a-half years clean of heroin”.

“I’m in recovery, I suppose,” he said. “I’m two-and-a-half years clean of heroin, which is a big deal for me.

“And yeah, I’m ticking along. I’m writing music, still writing music, yeah.”


Last month Manic Street Preachers’ Nicky Wire recalled how a teenage Pete Doherty once wrote into NME to voice his support for the band following the disappearance of Richey Edwards in 1995.

“It was a really sweet letter, and it was sort of along the lines of, ‘Just let them be who they are now, don’t expect them to be the Manics that they were’,” Wire recalled.

“We’ve crossed paths quite a few times with him, you know, and it always seems he is on the run from something or someone.”

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