Pete Doherty hails the NHS after infected hedgehog spike lands him in hospital


Pete Doherty has hailed the NHS after he sought treatment when a hedgehog spike became lodged in his finger.

The Libertines singer was reportedly walking his two Siberian huskies when one of the dogs picked up a hedgehog in its jaws.

According to the Daily Star, the spine became lodged in Doherty’s finger as he attempted to remove the animal from his pet’s mouth.


The injury was revealed by BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Nihal Arthanayake, who was due to host Doherty as a guest on his afternoon show.

“Pete Doherty is now in hospital having the infected hedgehog spine removed from his finger,” he said. “We wish Pete well because whatever has happened is serious enough that he has not been able to make it.”

Posting on Twitter, Doherty shared a photo from his hospital bedside and briefly explained the injury.

“Me in a hospital bed with an infected hedgehog spike wound thank you to the wonderful men and women who work within the NHS,” he wrote. “What absolute angels and a million times they deserve our respect and thanks.”


In a follow-up snap, he shared a photo of his bandaged hand.

The injury comes midway through Doherty’s tour with his new band The Puta Madres – who released their debut album last Friday.

In a four-star review, NME wrote: “His drawl is thick and his Arcadian spirit is stamped all of The Puta Madres. If you don’t love Pete, then you know you never will. If you do, then here he is a little wiser, with a testament to his knack for a cracking tune and shattered mirror poetry. Away from the chaos, here’s a record that cuts to the core of Doherty with a little less noise and a little more love.”

Doherty also recently told NME about the latest progress on a fourth studio album from The Libertines, and his thoughts on what the idea of ‘Albion’ meant in the era of Brexit.