Pete Doherty: “The Libertines is a lifelong trip with very dear friends that will never end”

The musician gave a rare TV interview to Channel 4 News' Krishnan Guru-Murthy, which was broadcast today (December 8)

Pete Doherty has voiced his hopes for the future of The Libertines, declaring that the band “is a lifelong trip with very dear friends, that for one reason or another will never end.”

Doherty, who last night (December 7) completed a small two-date UK tour, gave a rare televised interview with Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy which was broadcast earlier today (December 8).

The 37-year-old spoke about his past troubles, labels (he told Guru-Murthy “Don’t call me a rockstar, man – that’s like me calling you a daytime TV host”), and The Libertines during the course of the interview.

“The Libertines is a lifelong trip with very dear friends, that for one reason or another will never end,” Doherty said. “When you’re young and idealistic, you don’t care, you’ll play to no one, in your bedroom – like kids with football – you’ll play anywhere, you just love the music. And then, bang – soon as you’re in the industry, you think that’s the dream. But that’s when the dream starts to end.”

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The Libertines


Doherty also mused on the tabloid attention that particularly hounded him after his exit from The Libertines in June 2004.

“I saw a future, because I was actually always just this mellow, kind-of-quiet one in our group of lads, and they were surprised when I suddenly got presented as this rock’n’roll wild one because there were plenty of candidates for that,” he said. “It was never like: ‘Pete, you know, nice little Pete.’ So it was all exaggerated, blown up, absolute rubbish.

“Like I said, pictures of me sneezing – going to prison for nothing, for being in the papers, basically. Getting arrested for being in the papers all the time. I was having too good of a time and too many people were like: ‘Yeah? Having a good time? Have some of that’ [mimics punch] – you know what I mean? ‘We didn’t get our dreams, so you’re not getting yours – six months. Fourteen weeks. Go to rehab.'”

Channel 4 News – “Don’t call me a rockstar, that’s like me… | Facebook

“Don’t call me a rockstar, that’s like me calling you a daytime TV host”. Krishnan Guru-Murthy interviews Pete Doherty.

Asked about his plans for the future, Doherty said that, aside from wanting to get his camper van fixed, he’d been inspired by a French rapper who joined him and his band on stage recently.

“I forget the line [he delivered], but someone translated it for me: ‘I don’t want to end up 50 and lost’. I thought it was a good line – interesting, no?”

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