Pete Doherty shares his opinion on Donald Trump


Pete Doherty has shared his opinion of President Elect Donald Trump – saying the world is ‘going through a cycle of hatred and anger’.

The Libertines turned solo star was speaking to Q Magazine, when he slammed Trump’s victory as ‘disastrous’.

“Because I’m a free mover, more into getting borders down,” he continued. “[The ] hyper belief in the white liberal he so fucking perfect? Humanity’s always been weird at heart. Look at how societies form, rituals, practices, even rock’n’roll. Humanity really is dark and twisted. But I have faith.”


Doherty added: “Maybe we’re just repeating cycles of taking a breather and then going absolutely spasmo again. Letting out all this hatred and anger.”

In support of his new solo album ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’, last week saw Doherty’s UK tour culminate with a raucous show at The O2 Forum in Kentish Town, London – where he covered Oasis, Leonard Cohen and The Velevet Underground, along with a handful of The Libertines’ classics with Carl Barat.

Speaking of progress on The Libertines’ next album, Barat told NME: “We’re looking to bed in together. We want to get our own place, which is a bit of a long and convoluted project. There’s a lot of planning and maybes which I can’t say too much about, but we’re looking at getting our own factory. If we don’t have something by next year, then my name’s not Donald Clinton.”