Pete Doherty tweets about ‘slapping’ and ‘spitting’ on female fan after Munich gig

Libertines frontman asks fans to 'shed any light' on the 'odd' incident

The Libertines frontman Pete Doherty has detailed an account of an “odd” incident that took place after his gig in Munich last month.

The show in question took place at the Muffathalle venue in the German city on February 21. In tweets posted today (March 2), Doherty asked fans to “shed any light on an incident after the show”.

He went on to describe a confrontation with a “girl who was pushing a fella in a wheelchair” who “emptied a pint of lager into my face”. Doherty said he “reacted immediately and quite badly”, seemingly admitting that he “slapped her round the back of the head. And spat on her”.


He has since clarified that “‘spits’ meant spitting out the beer I had been soaked with”.

Doherty appeared confused to origin of the disagreement, suggesting that she could have been “rudely treated and blamed me” after being refused entry backstage or that she could have “took exception to my arm gestures during the stabby guitar slashes” in his performance of ‘Fuck Forever’, which could have “been mistaken for nazi salutes”.

He later added: “I’ve got it! Obvious really.. I do chuck drinks and stuff around onstage . Must’ve soaked the girl and/or [her] friend on wheels. Of course.”

See Doherty’s tweets below:


NME has approached Doherty’s press representative for further comment.

Meanwhile, Pete Doherty recently shared a naked photo of himself with a crisp packet covering his penis.

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