Radio One DJ Pete Tong's popular UK show is to be broadcast across the US...

Pete Tong has announced that his weekly RADIO ONE Friday night ‘ESSENTIAL MIX’ show is set to be broadcast across over 100 college stations in the US.

The American edition will take Tong’s programme as a template, with additional localised news segments presented by Raymond Roker, editor of the US club culture magazine Urb. The US show will also contain different ‘Essential’ DJ mixes with DJs and artists who have a more prominent profile Stateside.

In an interview with the American website [url=], Pete Tong appeared delighted about the move. “America’s club music at the moment is one of the most exciting places in the world because we’re seeing a whole new thing start there,” he said. “I don’t know if people in America even realise it, but you’ve never enjoyed the club culture we have in England. Yet it’s really happening now, outside of the traditional New York gay community or the West Coast or whatever.”


The Essential Selection has been running in the UK for over eight years, playing exclusive DJ mixes from the biggest names in the dance music world, as well as a ‘buzz’ chart detailing the hottest new tunes in clubland.

‘Urb Presents Essential Mix’ made its debut this week (September 26). It will be broadcast every Tuesday night from now on.

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