The parachute jump is part of a video shoot for the new single release by the label...

Cream, the LIVERPOOL-based club institution, are launching their new record label with a record-breaking stunt attempt.

Stuntman Gary Connolly, who has featured in the James Bond films ‘The World Is Not Enough’‘ and ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, will attempt the highest ever base parachute jump by launching himself off a 280ft tall block of flats on Friday (August 11).

The jump will be attempted as part of a video shoot for the new single on Cream‘s newly-formed record label. SuReal‘s ‘You Take My Breath Away’ is the work of ex-Urban Cookie Collective and A Guy Gerald man Rohan Heath, and is described by the club as “an uplifting house record with a female vocalist – primetime Cream material”. Pete Tong, Judge Jules and Dave Pearce have all been supporting the track, which is released through Cream Recordings on September 18th.

In other Cream news, the club are also planning to launch a clothes label in association with the High Street chain Top Shop. “Cream is a lifestyle,” admitted the spokesperson. “We have quite a fanbase amongst people who are under 18 who buy the records, but aren’t old enough to get into the club. This is another way for them to access the brand.”