Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz did a live fan Q&A from his bubble bath

Back in 2011, he promised he'd do a bubble bath Q&A once he hit three million Twitter followers.

Pete Wentz broadcast a live fan Q&A from his bubble bath yesterday (January 22) after a fan reminded him of a promise he made back in 2011.

In 2011, when Fall Out Boy were in the middle of what ended up being a five year hiatus (before returning with ‘Save Rock and Roll’), the bass player tweeted: ‘If I ever hit 3 million [Twitter] followers I’m gonna livestream a bubble bath and answer questions. So weird.’


Then in 2015 (the year they released their album ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’), Wentz exceeded three million followers, and one fan wasn’t about to let him forget his promise.

Twitter user @HESITANTNACHO tweeted the musician, saying: ‘Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III you have 3.3 million followers. Do. It.’

Over two years later, Wentz fulfilled his promise, livestreaming a 32 minute fan Q&A from his tub yesterday, via Periscope, surrounded by a plethora of tealights, while listening to Fall Out Boy’s recently released ‘Mania‘ LP.

He asssured viewers that it was in fact the first time he’s ever taken a bath with his own music in the background.

At one point, he described it as “intimate, perhaps too intimate” and fretted about dropping his phone in the (very hot) tub.


Asked what his favourite things about his hometown of Chicago are, he answered: “My family there, The Cubs, deep dish pizza and a bunch of local stuff where I grew up.”

When a fan commented on his skin, he advised everyone to exfoliate, and close their pores with cold water after washing their face.

He also revealed that he was almost named Rusty instead of Pete.

A viewer asked if his kids like Fall Out Boy but Wentz admitted that they “don’t care the whole time”. However nine-year-old Bronx – the son he shared with Ashlee Simpson – was the one who suggested the band released 2017’s ‘The Last of the Real Ones‘ as a single, taken from latest album, ‘Mania’.

Fall Out Boy recently played a show at London’s Electric Brixton on January 11, and are returning to the UK and Europe for a series of tour dates, in February and March.