Peter Bjorn & John ready two new albums

'Whistling is banned' says Peter Moren

Peter, Bjorn and John have been working on not one but two new albums, which they plan to release in the coming year.

The first is a “playful” instrumental album slated for an autumn release, frontman Peter Moren told NME.COM.

“It’s something we’ve always wanted to do to have a bit of fun between albums,” he said. “It’s very melodic and unpretentious and laid-back.”


The album contains 10 instrumental tracks recorded in the band’s native Stockholm and New York.

Although there’s no singing on the album, it does feature a bit of spoken word.

“We each have our own theme song. Mine has my grandfather telling a story in a local dialect, and John’s has a haidresser from his village telling a story.”

“It’s probably going to be called ‘Seaside Rock’, to tie together the themes of water and sea,” Moren said.

Now that the instrumental album is nearly complete, the band have gone back into the studio in Stockholm to work on the proper follow-up to 2006’s ‘Writer’s Block’.

“We’ve recorded quite a few songs and the idea is to finish it this summer and release it next March,” said Moren.


The singer said he doesn’t feel pressure to surpass the level of success the band found with their last album and their famous whistling-heavy single ‘Young Folks’. “You just have to make something you like and see what happens,” he said, adding, “Whistling is banned.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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