Peter Gabriel announces online music project

Genesis veteran promises free studio time for new bands

Peter Gabriel and speaker makers Bowers And Wilkins have teamed up to provide cheap album downloads in a new subscription service.

The music club is set to record exclusive albums live at Gabriel‘s Real World Studios in Bath, which will then be available to download for a month as MP3s.

One album will be offered each month to those who subscribe to the service, which will provide free studio time to the artists involved and also return their rights to the music after two months.


Artists so far set to be involved include Skip McDonald’s Little Axe Collective and singer-songwriter Gwyneth Herbert.

Explaining his involvement in the project, Gabriel said: “This collaboration with B And W is unique as far as I know and it’s going to allow a lot of interesting projects to happen.

“For artists, Music Club is a dream proposition because they get some great time in the studio, access to really good recording facilities and can experiment without being committed to anything or anyone beyond a month with B And W.”