Peter Gabriel cancels Kiev show due to violence in Ukraine capital

Singer feared for safety of touring personnel and equipment amid fierce political turmoil

Peter Gabriel cancelled Saturday night’s (May 10) planned concert in Kiev due to security concerns as violence continues to sweep Ukraine.

In a statement on his website, Gabriel said: “Due to the on-going unrest in Ukraine it has become clear that the security of the touring personnel and equipment cannot be guaranteed during the planned visit to the country and this has presented us with significant logistical difficulties that we have been unable to resolve.

“Any delays or damage as result of the situation in Ukraine would not be insured and would also potentially jeopardise future shows on the tour, something which we feel we also have to consider. It was due to our desire to do everything possible in order to make the show happen that the decision to cancel the show is now being made at such late notice. It is our sincere hope that the situation is resolved in a positive and peaceful fashion and we can return to the Ukraine in the not-too-distant future.”


Gabriel’s cancellation is the latest in a list of artists to pull out of the region. Depeche Mode had been due to perform there in February but called off their Kiev concert as street clashes between opposition protesters and the government grew particularly intense just before the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich. Aerosmith have already cancelled their planned concert on May 21, and Motorhead have called off their show in the city scheduled for July 27.

The National, meanwhile, announced in late April that they were cancelling their shows in Moscow and St Petersburg along with a Kiev date as tensions between Russia and Ukraine boiled over. They said: “We remain hopeful of coming to play for you in the future and we sincerely hope this current instability resolves in a positive, democratic and peaceful way. Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you soon.”