Peter Hook describes his early days as a ‘bad example’ his son has taken positive lessons from

Former Joy Division/ New Order man gives candid interview on addiction

Peter Hook has given a candid interview on addiction, and the way his early life has impacted upon his son Jack, who plays bass in Hook’s band ‘Peter Hook and the Light’.

In the interview with the Irish Mirror, Hook also refers to his former band as ‘the so-called New Order’.

Talking of son Jack Bates, who recently toured with Billy Corgan, Hook said:


“He read my books and saw what a complete balls I made of it. So I’ve sort of led by example. I’ve set a bad example and he’s gone the opposite way. God bless him!”

“We were so stupid and so naive. It was really daft the way we handled ourselves in the 80s and 90s. If anything I’m glad that people look at you and go ‘Ugh, I’m not doing that!’ Thank God for that, we did something right.”


Talking of New Order, about whom Hook has just finished writing a ‘1,200-word’ book, he added:

“The book is the truth, which Barney didn’t seem to bother about with his. So I suppose it will shed a new light on it.”

“I’ve also explored the technical aspect of it. What we did with the synthesisers and drum machines, the way we put them together and use them. I thought that was so important.”

“The book has some bizarre contrasts in it. It goes from being really, really technical one moment to being like Motley Crue the next. But life is about balance, isn’t it?”


“I’ve actually finished it now. It’s 300,000 words, 1,200 pages. I thought Barney did such a terrible job of telling the New Order story, I think he dispatched it in about 40 pages,” he concludes.

“My big frustration in New Order was that they played the same tracks all the time.”


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