Watch Peter Hook delve into Joy Division’s history in the NME archives

Bassist also talks about how he aspired to be in the magazine as much as appearing on Top Of The Pops

Peter Hook has taken a nostalgic root around NME‘s archive cupboard in an exclusive video interview you can watch above.

The former Joy Division bassist looks back at the band’s first ever review and front cover. Speaking about the latter he jokes:

[Here’s] the first NME cover and you will notice how they made a balls of it because I’m not on it. That is blatant. Obviously Bernard [Sumner] must have bunged them a fiver.

The bassist also talks about how he aspired to be in the magazine as much as appearing on the now defunct BBC music show Top Of The Pops. This week’s NME cover star has revealed extracts from his time in Joy Division in the latest issue from his book ‘Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division’. In them he talks about how late singer Ian Curtis was a very different character to the mythical one he has been portrayed as since his death.


“What’s never really come out is – is the Ian we saw in the band,” he explains. “That’s because it doesn’t fit neatly into the myth, which prefers the idea that Ian existed on another plane to the rest of us. But he didn’t. He loved the lifestyle and would have indulged way, way more if it hadn’t been for his epilepsy. He love the music and he loved the group. He was our mate.”

For more on Hook’s extracts pick up the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands now or available digitally.

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