Peter Hook praises the response from the world to Manchester terror attacks

We spoke to Hooky backstage at Glastonbury

Peter Hook has spoken about the response to the Manchester terror attack last month. Watch our video interview with Hooky above.

Hook and The Hacienda Classical opened up The Pyramid Stage with a minutes silence to remember the victims of the Manchester terror attack, the London terror attack and of the Grenfell Tower fire.

“It was a hell of a responsibility to do the minutes silence. Manchester is a very lucky place in that it’s earnt a place in many people’s hearts because of the music that you’ve put out for years” he said to NME at the backstage of Glastonbury.


“After the bombing the wealth of feeling that came back from the world because we were from Manchester. We are very lucky” the Joy Division and New Order bassist added. “In that week there were two car bombs in Kabul, three in Mosul and no one’s doing a concert for them.”

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“We’re very lucky in the love and respect that we’ve earnt over the years. But you have to realise that its bit only Manchester that’s suffering and people are suffering all over the world. That’s a real fault of human beings.”

Speaking from the Pyramid Stage, Hook said “Good morning and welcome to Glastonbury,” Hooky told the crowd. “I’ve been very kindly asked by the Eavis family to lead this minute’s silence and could we please use it as a chance to send our hopes and our prayers for love, life and freedom – the things that we are here to celebrate.”

“We send our sympathies to everyone affected by the events in London and Manchester, and everyone affected in Grenfell Tower” he finished with.