Peter Hook responds to the latest New Order documentary: ‘I’m not a big fan of fiction’

"We’re not friends now, and I’m not sure we could ever after what’s happened"

Peter Hook has spoken out about the new documentary from his former band New Order, as well as dismissing the chances of relations improving between the two camps.

Last month saw the premiere of  New Order’s new documentary ‘Decades‘ – showing the band preparing with the artist Liam Gillick and a 12-piece synthesiser orchestra ahead of their performance at Manchester International Festival 2017. The documentary also offered an ‘unprecedented take on their history’ featuring interviews with some of their closest collaborators.

Hook left the band in 2007, before a legal battle over royalties ensued.


Asked if he’d watched ‘Decades’, Hooky told NME: “No I didn’t, I’m not a big fan of fiction, me. Sadly, with New Order, everyone always used to complain about the amount of synths we used, so I thought the thing at the top of most people’s list would be to hear New Order without all that crap!

“That’s my personal opinion. It was quite an ambitious project. I didn’t hear it, and I’m not in the unfortunate position where I’d want to.”

He added: “It’s on public record about the way they treated me when they reformed in 2011, which was far from satisfactory. We’re not friends now, and I’m not sure we could ever after what’s happened. Would you try and get back in touch with an ex-girlfriend?”

Speaking to NME last year about settling his legal dispute with New Order, Hook said: “The thing is, the English Justice System is difficult and once you’re in it it is very difficult. I would advise anybody to take that step lightly. You’re not only fighting the system – you’re fighting for justice. I’m happy to get my life back and I’m happy for my family. I haven’t got that hanging over me.

“I don’t think there will be a reunion soon, sadly – but you know, that’s life.”


Peter Hook

New Order have announced their only UK gig of 2018 at London’s Alexandra Palace on November 9. Tickets  are available here.