Pharrell Williams wants to attend ‘Dancing Man’ party, Moby offers to DJ

Londoner Sean has become a viral sensation

Pharrell Williams and Moby have declared their support for ‘Dancing Man’, with both artists taking to Twitter to enquire about attending the forthcoming LA party that is being thrown for the internet sensation.

‘Dancing Man’ went viral this week after two pictures of him were posted to the online image board 4Chan with the caption, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

The photographs caught the attention of writer Cassandra Fairbanks, who, along with 2,000 other women, managed to track down the man – real name Sean, a Londoner – and are now plotting a party in his honour.

“Our entire group was horrified seeing the cruelty represented in the post, and seeing as this amazing group has done so many charitable and beautiful things in the past, I decided to throw out an offer to pay for his flight here if we could find him and throw him a party,” wrote Fairbanks, who posts under the name Cassandra Rules, via The Free Thought Project.

Pharrell have since taken to Twitter to ask Fairbanks to keep him informed about the upcoming bash, while Moby has offered to DJ for free.

A crowdfunding page set up to fund the party has already exceeded the $20,000 (£13,300) organisers were seeking, reaching $33,000 (£22,000) at time of writing.

The page reads: “We started this so that we could dance with one man, who had been shamed from dancing in public. Many of us know what it is like to not be comfortable in our own skin- and the photograph resonated with all of us. When we saw the worlds response throughout the night – it became clear this was bigger than us, bigger than him, and the start of a beautiful wave of solidarity against bullying, against body-shaming, and an inspiration to ‪#‎Dancefree‬ in our own bodies.”