Pharrell Williams backs Hillary Clinton to be next US President

"It's Hillary time"

Pharrell Williams has declared his support for Hillary Clinton in her campaign to be the next President of the United States.

Appearing today’s (October 12) episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the producer-singer endorsed Clinton’s candidacy, declaring “It’s time for a woman to be in there” to rapturous cheers from the studio audience.

“Women think about things in a holistic way, it’s not just so individual,” he added. “I’m saying Iā€™m happy to be a man, but I love women. The thing is, if we had somebody looking after our country that thought about things as a whole, I just feel like it just would be different. Not that I don’t love our current President, I just feel like it’s Hillary time.” Click below to watch.


Clinton ā€“ who is seeking to become the 2016 Democratic candidate ā€“ appeared on the daytime talk show last month, taking the opportunity to speak about Kanye West‘s recent claims that he will run for the Presidency in 2020. “I heard him make the announcement. He said he wanted to run in 2020. I would only ask him, if I’m running for re-election, to wait.”

Pharrell, meanwhile, recently confirmed that his band N.E.R.D will make a new record at some point. While fielding questions from fans via IHeartRadio’s Twitter account, Williams was asked by one fan, “Are you going to make another N.E.R.D. album?”, to which he replied “OF COURSE!”.

The group’s last record, ‘Nothing’, was released in 2010.