Pharrell Williams: ”Blurred Lines’ isn’t taking the piss out of anyone’

The singer discusses Robin Thicke collaboration and new album 'G I R L'

Pharrell Williams has opened up about his collaboration with Robin Thicke on ‘Blurred Lines’ in a new interview with the Guardian.

The singer, who featured on the single released last year, discussed the controversial nature of the track, claiming it doesn’t objectify women.

“”t says, ‘That man is not your maker.’ There’s nothing objectifying about that,” he told the newspaper before explaining he “respected” the reactions the track provoked. “I’m not a woman, so I can never tell them how they feel. That’s why this album [‘G I R L’] is a gesture. I’m just trying to make it clear what I feel.”

Asked if the track was meant to take the piss out of seedy men, as represented in the song by Robin Thicke, Williams responded: “No, it’s not taking the piss out of anyone. It’s just saying that there’s blurred lines where a woman wants to do something, but she knows she shouldn’t.”

The producer and songwriter has just released his second solo album ‘G I R L’, following 2006’s ‘In My Mind’. Asked if the record is an apology for the controversy of ‘Blurred Lines’, he replied: “I would never apologise for saying, ‘He’s not your maker, not your god.’ In fact, a woman made him. A woman made me. Regardless of who you are, you came through those golden doors.”

Williams started in music as a member of The Neptunes production duo before forming N*E*R*D and eventually going solo. He has been behind tracks like Britney Spears’ ‘Slave For You’ and Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, and recently scored his own Number One in the Official UK Singles Chart with ‘Happy’. But questioned over whether he would be happy just making his own music, he responded: “I have to produce people! I have to work with people. It’s my only means of learning, my only means of colliding with foreign energy. It would be like asking Captain Kirk to just stay on Earth.”