Pharrell says he’s taking his time with new NERD material, because it’s ‘the special thing’

Frontman and producer describes his work with Chad Hugo and Sheldon Haley as 'the special thing'

Pharrell Williams has said that he wants to take time in making new music with NERD, claiming that he wants to make sure it is right before releasing anything new.

Williams last released music with his NERD bandmates Chad Hugo and Sheldon Haley in 2010 when the ‘Nothing’ album came out. Speaking to BBC Newsbeat about the possibility of new music from the group, famed for hits such as ‘Lapdance’ and ‘She Wants To Move’, Williams said that because they are not the biggest group in the world, he feels he has time to spend making the music as good as possible.

“That’s the opportunity the people afford us. It’s not like we sell all the records in the world. We cherish that. We don’t abuse it by just throwing anything out. We take the right amount of time, the proper amount of time to give the people what they ask us for,” he said.

He adds, “NERD is the special thing. You don’t just throw that [new music] out there. You take your time and you get it right.”

Earlier this year it was confirmed that One Direction are in talks to work with Williams on their next album. Pharrell, who appears on Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke, confirmed the talks with Simon Cowell, mentor and label boss to One Direction, also confirming that he hopes to have the band record a Pharrell song for their new album ‘Midnight Memories’, due for release in November.