Glastonbury crowd member twerks at Pharrell as he previews new song ‘Freedom’ – watch

Singer played string of hits drawn from his production, co-writing and solo career

Pharrell Williams brought a full production involving choreographed dancers to his evening slot on the Pyramid Stage, previewing new single ‘Freedom’ in the process. Scroll below for footage of that.

Dance troupe The Baes appeared in myriad costumes to move with the US performer, who himself wore a floral shirt and a sailor’s hat.

“English girls” were never far from his mind. “When you go to England, you definitely meet the most beautiful girls,” he said before ‘Marilyn Monroe’, having already inserted the lyric “English girls, my love is coming” into a montage including ‘Frontin’’, ‘Hunter’, and ‘Brand New’.

During that, Williams complained of technical difficulties, but ploughed on nonetheless. “I’ve got some popping in my ears but we’re going to have to run the show,” he said.

The next batch of songs came as a montage too, including ‘Nothing’ and ‘Hot In Herre’.

After that, Williams announced he was to take the crowd “back to the genesis” before playing a medley of songs by his group N*E*R*D*. During ‘Almost Over Now’, he welcomed members of the crowd on stage to dance. By the time he got to ‘Lapdance’ there was a large crowd of them moving around, though the male members were swiftly dispatched for ‘She Wants To Move’. One of the remaining women took to the opportunity to twerk against the singer, to Pharrell’s mock surprise and a huge roar of appreciation from the crowd.

After, Pharrell said, “I’m going to show you five women with incredible talent” before re-introducing his dancers The Baes, who each performed solo to Williams productions past.

Williams then played ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’, one of his collaborations with Daft Punk. Last night’s headliner, Florence Welch, appeared on the screen during it, dancing with the people at the back of the stage, and there was a huge whoop from the crowd. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and TV presenter James Corden were also watching on. A version of Snoop’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ followed.

“Let’s take it all the way to the end,” Williams then said before playing ‘Blurred Lines’, the controversial 2013 hit which he and co-writer Robin Thicke recently went to court with Marvin Gaye’s family over. The same year’s smash hit ‘Get Lucky’ followed, before an encore featuring a unifying ‘Happy’ and new song ‘Freedom’, which ended with crowd all singing together.

Pharrell Williams played:

‘Marilyn Monroe’
‘Brand New’

‘Move That Dope’
‘Hot In Herre’
‘Just Wanna Love You’
‘Pass The Courvoisier’

‘She Wants To Move’

‘Lose Yourself To Dance’

‘Hollaback Girl’
‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’

‘Blurred Lines’
‘Get Lucky’


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