Tom Cruise has objected to a sample on their amusingly titled 'Respect The Cock'...

PHATS AND SMALL have had the release of their new track, ‘RESPECT THE COCK’, prohibited by the lawyers of HOLLYWOOD superstar TOM CRUISE.

The band have been playing a white-label-only version of the track ‘Respect The Cock’ for the past few months. The contentious sample is of Cruise repeating the title of the track from his performance in the film ‘Magnolia’.

Talking to The Sun newspaper today, Jason Phats explained that “the song was meant only for us to use when we were DJing, but a few people got their hands on it and everyone said it should be a single. But we got a definite ‘No’ from Tom when we asked to use his voice. His lawyers said there was no point in arguing.

“We are trying to get around the ban by using someone else,” he continued. “We are in talks with the film’s production company to use the words and, if we can, it will be out in May.”

However, the track is available to download on the increasingly controversial Napster.