Phil Collins announces autobiography entitled ‘Not Dead Yet’

The musician says that the subject of his memoirs "has been on my mind for a few years"

Phil Collins will publish his autobiography in October.

Titled Not Dead Yet, the Genesis drummer promises to “talk honestly” about his three failed marriages, his alcoholism and his ill health. The book will also cover the highs and lows of his music career, discussing his experiences collaborating with “heroes” such as Eric Clapton and Robert Plant.

Speaking in the accompanying press release, the 65-year-old songwriter elaborated further on his approach to and motivation behind telling the story of his life and music career. “This autobiography has been on my mind for a few years, and I decided that now was the time. Things had happened in my personal life that caused me to take stock.

“In many respects I’ve had a dream life,” he continues. “I’ve been incredibly lucky, but I’ve also worked extremely hard. I‘ve collaborated with some of my heroes, written songs that people have liked, and wildly surpassed my initial hope to make a living as a drummer. Throughout, there have been lots of highs, and more than a few lows. I’m being completely honest about all of them, embarrassingly so in some cases. Some things might amuse people, some will surprise them. Horrify them, even.

“And if, ultimately, readers are shocked or disappointed that their ‘hero’ – or, that bloke who kept popping up in the charts all the time – was human? Well, then this book will have done what I wanted it to do. It’s been a pleasure writing it, even if it meant reliving the moments where I should have made different choices.”

The memoirs are set to be published by Century publishers in hardback, audio and Ebook form on October 20. See the cover of the autobiography in a tweet from Collins’ official Twitter feed below:

Back in March, Collins played his first solo gig in six years at a charity event in Miami. This came after he announced in October 2015 that he’d “no longer officially retired” and had ambitions to make more music and tour more, apparently in order to show his children “what their dad does”.

This announcement was greeted with a petition asking him not to return, which gathered more than 4,000 signatures before being abandoned by its creator.