Phil Spector appealing murder conviction on grounds of judicial error

Producer also claiming prosecutorial misconduct

Phil Spector is appealing against his murder conviction on the grounds of judicial error and prosecutorial misconduct.

Last May the producer was given a 19-years-to-life jail sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson. Now his lawyers are claiming that he didn’t have a fair trial, reports BBC News.

They are claiming that the testimonies of five women were improperly used during Spector‘s trial. The five acquaintances of the producer said during the trial that he had threatened them with a gun in the past. The lawyers are claiming that the incidents were not comparable to the circumstances of Clarkson‘s death.


The appeal was launched on Wednesday (March 10) in Los Angeles, with the lawyers arguing: “None of the… evidence involved events in which Mr Spector put a gun in someone’s mouth, much less fired it.”

They added that it was improperly asserted by the prosecution that Spector “had a history and propensity of violence against women and thus should be convicted based on his bad character and evil propensities”.

Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler was criticized for his conduct in the trial in the paper, for allowing a taped hearing to be heard in court.