Spector trial: Day 11

Chauffeur completes four-day testimony

The star witness in the trial of Phil Spector today (May 22) completed a four-testimony in which he told the jury that Spector admitted to murder.

Chauffeur Adriano DeSouza told the court that Spector exited his home in February 2003 with blood on his hands and said: “I think I killed somebody”.

Later in the testimony, DeSouza changed that quote to “I think I shot somebody”. After much interrogation, he then reverted to the word “killed”.

During today’s session, the jury watched the videotaped statement given by DeSouza after he called police to come to Spector’s house.

The focus of questioning throughout DeSouza’s testimony concentrated on discrepancies in his description of the night in question including how drunk Spector appeared, as well as his immigration status, and how his testimony could affect his remaining in the US. DeSouza’s visa has expired and he could face deportation.

–By our New York staff.

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